Day 14

Put some covers on those wheels!!

Alloys coming soon

Nice fender fix and paint


Green car paint colour is Spearmint, so now this is the Spearmint car. After a good degrease and removing the covers underneath the engine I found the inner CV shaft boot had cracked and spewed grease all over the place. 

The Ultima donated the necessary rubber boots. To replace the boots I had to disconnect the front hub and remove the axle. Messy job with lots of grease. 

Front engine mount. Previous owner had filled broken mount with silicone! Removed it with some difficultly and replaced it is courtesy the Ultima. 

After wash down, engine would not run well. Diagnosed problem spark plug and replaced it with one from another engine. Kinda handy having spares around the place. 

Removed right fender. Resprayed fender from Auto and installed. Minor bends in the mountings for this fender means headlights don't sit right, and grill needs a cable tie or two. mm here, mm there all adds up. New paint and a general cut and polish all over has really lifted the appearance of my little Spearmint car.

I was going to fit the factory alloys but found none of them had enough tread to warrant risking them going over the pits for checking. Might as well keep the current wheels, sans hub caps. 

I also spent a morning sorting out the after market fitted central locking to try to get it working consistently. Outcome; less than perfect but probably acceptable.