Day 22

White Auto passed FIRST TIME.   Yippee

I got the grumpy man this time. No please and thank you's, just barked instructions. Looks like he could do with a beer.... But heck, he passed my car so I can't complain. Rather I see it as a confirmation of the vehicles safety as he would have been a tough tester. 

Little bit of work to do on the white auto before selling it; my GPS says the speedo is reading slower than real speed, there is a noise that needs more attention than turning up the radio, the air cond needs regassing and I managed to upset the wheel alignment when I replaced steering rack boots, to they are jobs I need to pay someone for. 

Photos of the two cars soon with their consecutive number plates soon.

I 'came across' a car of the same model that had a little knock on the front. The owner had been given quotes of $2600 to fix it, so the insurer wrote it off.  Knowing what I know now, once I had the panels painted I could have replaced it all in less than two hours start to finish. 

He accepted that he didn't need his seat anymore, so I got that one. It was in much better condition than mine, so we did a swap by torchlight, feeling a bit naughty. I also collected a few other essentials too, as one does. The car was being taken off to Pickles the next day for auction.