Day 24

I'd picked up a noise in the Auto and with the special tools available to me - a listening screwdriver - I deduced that we have a worn wheel bearing.

Worn wheel bearing needs large nut to be removed. I couldn't budge it with my rattle gun or a socket on a VERRRRY long pipe extension. No one around local workshops appeared able/willing to help out so I'll need to go back Monday.

Fortunately Repco had the correct bearing. $121 !!!!  Far too much.

I decided to swap an entire front hub over once I pulled it off the Ultima. So the Ultima was moved into position in the shed and the cars sorted around once more, even moving the camper trailer off the verge to keep things a bit tidier. 

Unfortunately I put my wallet and phone on the back of the car and then drove off with them still sitting there. When I returned home after realising they were not with me, a man was putting my wallet into the letterbox saying he had picked it up off the local highway near home. He said there had been money flying all over the place and people rifling through my wallet on the road. It had caused quite a commotion :-(   Nothing to be found of the mobile phone. :-(  There really wasn't all that much money, perhaps $110, and I kept all my credit cards. Losing my phone is sad, it was a very special dual SIM phone that was quite different to anyone else's both in appearance and functionality. 

Not a good day for the project today.