Day 40

Donor Burnt car went for shredding with Sims Metal.  Felt kinda sad really, knowing that ex lovely car was going to be a small pile of shredded metal, plastic and rubber in a few hours.

Today big achievement has been to drill three holes in the firewall of the Ultima in just the right spot for the clutch master cylinder, then install the bracket on the inside of the car under the dash to take the clutch pedal and hook it all up.

I really needed extra joints in my arms as I worked lying flat on the floor of the car with all the seats removed, stretching up around and in and out of the deep recesses of the dashboard - but I have SUCCEEDED!

Now I'm off to take the doggies for a walk along the beach as a little reward for my efforts so far. 

The next stage is manoeuvring the motor underneath the raised car body and installing the motor back in place again. A day or so of effort and it will be running again  :-)

Come back in a couple of days and see how I went