Day 46

The Ultima is fired up and runs. :-)  Very satisfying.

Bit by bit the attachments to the engine came together; the wiring all joined up, the computer got plugged in, the suspension reinstalled, the brakes bolted back, the radiator filled.

Then the moment of truth as the starter engaged; the fuel pump took a little time to prime the engine, then away she went!!

I was keen to get my garage back again, so drove it into the front yard - sitting on the floor with no seat, no brakes, no steering column and turning the wheels by means of a spanner attached to a stub of the steering coming through the floor - luckily my guiders were able to tell me when to go and stop!

Next tasks will be to reinstal the interior, the dash, the new radio, the carpet, the seats, bleed the brakes and fit some new tie rod ends on the steering. If it doesn't rain too much, that might happen tomorrow!