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Melita Grace Law (Scotland)

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August 31, 1917 - March 16, 2002
84 years

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Stephen Lipple - St. Michael's Church member
Dear Tim and family,
Appreciation of Melita
Thank you for hosting the farewell to my friend Melita and the celebration of her rich life today, 20th March 2002. Since she trusted in her Lord and saviour Jesus, my resolve to think and speak of her life in the present continuous tense is well founded. Melita yet lives in a very real way, even though we acknowledge the temporary reality of 'dust to dust, ashes to ashes'. As Tom so truthfully stated in the funeral service, because Melita trusted in the grace and mercy of God, she lives now with him, and will one day (soon please God) when he comes to rule the earth with justice and compassion, experience his mighty resurrection ­ a new body and unending life in complete fullness, enjoying God and his people always.
Melita lived in a way that makes me think that the promised new life will be wonderful. Her example points to much greater things to come. She overflows with love and kindness, never here complaining in spite of weakness, pain, the inevitable disappointments, always thankful for the blessings she experienced. So now for her no more frailty, only unending joy. Melita is not a stranger to joy. She has already lived with this attitude, resolved to do good, be useful, help wherever and whenever she can and in all of that ministry of service, expressed a delight in God and his world.
I love Melita. Like many others I miss her already. She shared my concerns for the re-vitalisation of our church, St Micks ­ many of us being old and having to live gently and slowly. She encouraged me. Whenever my wife Barbara did the Bible readings for Sunday service, Melita was warm and appreciative. She loved being hostess to the Bible study group that for the agreed time flourished at Lisle Lodge. She loves a chat. I enjoyed conversations with Melita at church, at her home and on the 'phone. She helped me as the Australian Democrats candidate for Curtin in the 1998 election. Melita does love people. The Spirit of Jesus does shine in her.
Thank you God for the work that you did in and through Melita.


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I first met Melita (Scotland) Law when I was about 10 when we were neighbours in Mt. Claremont. I saw her home being built, and I often visited when she lived there with her mother, Mrs Scotland, and worked for a doctor in the city.
Then in my childhood memory I saw a photo in the "Women's Weekly" of Melita on her wedding day to Max Law. Melita told me years later that she carried "white broom" in her bouquet and I always think of her when the "white broom" is in flower each year (Spring).
Melita was such a good friend to me. Welcomed me into her life and often had Max organised to collect us from the Hospital when my father was an inpatient at Hollywood Hospital for prolonged stays (3 lots of 13 weeks) when I was about 13. He was so reliable always there at the gate to meet us, after we'd experienced the awful reality of our Dad's sickness - after a day at school - three frightened children (aged 13, 10 & 7) Max's reliability and firm anchor in a choppy sea, has had a deep impression on me.
Then there was church, St. Michael's Graylands, where from the age of 14 I went each Sunday, and Melita was there - organising the breakfast encouraging each of us. In fact she dobbed me into being a CEGS Leader and I found new strength in doing that, which I didn't realise I had all because Melita insisted. She understood my situation wasn't an easy one.
She often came to our aid with cheery words, bunch of flowers and kind offers of support when our parents were sick.
Melita was an angel. My mother always described Melita "as an angel".
Yes I miss her in my life, as we often had long chats on the phone. She was always kindly interested in my family, and told me about her family especially the grandchildren - she knew all their little ways. How she enjoyed being at Tim & Kerry's block in the hills.
However, when she had pain she was also able to describe how she tried to deal with it, and we had her to a meal in November 2001 and she was not able to sit comfortably yet did her best. Two days after this meal Terry, my husband had a pace maker inserted - it was a shock and out-of-the blue happening.
In January - after all the fuss had died down, Melita called one day and quietly said "how are you, because it must've been terrible to go through that experience". I was astounded that she could let me know that she understood, as even members of my family didn't show that sort of empathy.
I have many stories and many memories over the years of Melita, Max and Tim in the early days and yes I miss Melita's kindly calls and she was such a good xample of a fully human being able to love so well, and also able to be annoyed by some lesser mortals failings. Her joy at the little things and her rambley garden at Mt. Claremont was infectious and I aim to have those things in my life - as I get older.
Thank you Tim for the opportunity to write about Melita
Annette Curtis
(nee Christmass)





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