These pages contain historical family stories; some verified, some mystery, all great yarns.

 The Sinking of the Arabia - 1916
By Paula Erna Frieda Scotland.
A story of survival after a torpedo attack on a passenger ship.
 Herbert Ernst Otto Harry Pustkuchen
First War U-Boat Commander with "attitude"
 "Voice from the Stars"
By Tom Scotland.

Autobiographical story of the young Perth man who became a pilot in 614 Pathfinder Squadron in WWII, leading fleets of bombers into Germany from Italy. A story of great passion and insight.

"After Voice from the Stars"
By Tom Scotland.

The story of Tom and his wife Laurel, as they forged a life together raising a family and spreading the word of God through their missionary work.

Retracing the steps
Touring Southern Hills Station, Kulin, and Narrogin to follow the life of Paula and Tom Scotland



 Melita Law (Scotland)
Sister of Tom, Daughter of Paula. Died aged 84 on March 16, 2002. Memorial site full of great memories.
German family connections




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