Pustkuchen family in Australia series


Pauline Oceana Weidenbach 1848

Wife of Ernst Wilhelm Pustkuchen 1842
The mother of the Australian line of Pustkuchen. Died in 1929 in Narrogin, Western Australia


Ernst Wilhelm Pustkuchen 1842
The father of the Australian line of Pustkuchen. Born 4.4.1842 in Detmold Died 24.8.1902 in Narracoorte, South Australia


Onkel Stockmeier

Onkel (uncle) and Tante (aunt) Stockmeier (below)lived in Bremen. They are of the Gerke Family. Onkel Stockmeier must have taken care for the training of foreign trade as well of Ottomar Gerke as of Ernst Pustkuchen in Bremen. (Comment by Rolf Pape)


(Sophie August) Helene PUST 1848 and Emma Wilhelmine Elise PUST 1850
Taken in Detmold, 28 October 1862. (sisters of Ernst and Marie)


(Otto) Eduard Friedrich PUST 1846
(brother of Ernst and Marie)


Tante Stockmeier.


(Otto) Eduard Friedrich PUST 1846
in Couleur des Heidelberger Corps 'Vandalia'


Karl Nielander
(Marie Luise Charlotte's husband)

Wilhelm Ottomar Gerke

Wilhelm Ottomar Gerke

Born 15.5.1819 in Detmold
Died 1880 in Bückeburg

Brother of Marie Heloise Amanda Gerke 1812

garden <

Ernst Wilhelm Theodor 1842 and family in Adelaide garden

Ernst and Marie

Ernst Wilhelm Theodor PUST1842
and his sister Marie Luise Charlotte


Ernst Wilhelm Pustkuchen 1842 holidaying at the Pyramids

Taken between 1892 and 1896


Rolf Pape


Christiane Schuricht


and her son Robin


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The following documents in Word format, are in German and contain person letters from the 1860's between family members in Adelaide, Australia, and Germany. Written material converted from Old German to modern German by Rolf Pape. Please email me to request the documents

  1. Wilhelm and Ernst - 40Kb
  2. Theodore and Amanda - 1100Kb
  3. Historical stories - 100Kb

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Compiled by Tim Law (1958) Perth, Western Australia in January 2003