After Voice from the Stars

'After Voice from the Stars'


Tom and Laurel Scotland

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"What happened after?..." is the cry of many people who have read 'Voice from the Stars, A Pathfinder's Story' since it was republished in 1991.

This new book 'After Voice from the Stars' -authored by Tom and Laurel Scotland endeavours to answer this question.

It is the extra personal story of two very human people who reveal their vulnerability quite openly, and yet, by faith discover the strength to accomplish the daunting task that lies before them.

Together, the authors have found their way into further, yet different adventures, often as scary as many of those portrayed in the initial book.

The book is written in a flowing, readable style. It brings the reader in touch with the highs and lows of life in the post-war world and through the revolutionary changes of the sixties and seventies. The thread of active faith in a living, loving Creator conveys both challenge and hope to readers.
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