Day 116 - All licensed and finished

Today saw the plates go on the Ultima.

Last week they failed me for the window tinting being too dark - it was 18% and it should have been 35% light transmission.

It also failed because a window winder switch wouldn't raise the window. 

As it turned out, this car had been placed on the Written Off Vehicle Register by a previous insurance company. Who knows when or why, it wasn't damaged when I bought it, just missing and engine. So the licensing man also wanted to see all my receipts for purchasing parts for the car, which I had kept and was able to provide. 

Once the plates went on the car, I'm calling the project finished. 

Would I do it again? Maybe, but not with four cars next time. We've come out of this with two reasonable cars for $2100 in total, plus a heap of my time. 

Thanks for following the story.

PS.  February 2014. The drivers had left the country, so their cars got sold for a total of $2500 or thereabouts. Not bad considering we’d got five years of service out of them and had only serviced them, replaced a radiator, exhaust pipe, head gasket, tyres in all that time.