Day 101

I've had a winter hiatus. Progress has slowed to a crawl. 

Spearmint special is performing faultlessly, but son 1 would like his new car finished so he can use his iPod connected to the radio.

Back to the black Ultima.

The existing battery was losing current so I've bought a new one - a pretty green!

Bits and pieces on the inside didn't work, such as all the door switches to make the interior light come on. And then the interior light didn't work so I've had to solder a permanent connection to make it come on when the door opens. 

The seat sliders were broken, but are now fixed. 

The electric mirrors would have worked all along if I'd connected the plug for them. 

The radio works; we have new rear speakers salvaged from spares inside the house.

I've changed the coolant over to FloKleen anticorrosion tablets.

I've booked it in for licensing in a week, so after a polish up, a wheel alignment and a few bits and pieces, it is all ready to go at last. 

The only thing I am anticipating they might pick me up on is the window tinting - maybe too dark.