So I'm sitting around with my foot up, having sprained it I really should have been at home, not out buying cars. And the reality of buying a car has just dawned on me. No longer is the Green Car project just an idea, it is all a reality.

I've bought the Burnt Car as a donor. 

The Green car will need the left gaurd. I'll be able to sell off the other bits. But there are the same ads over and over again in the Quokka. It's going to be hard to sell these bits off. What if I found another car that needed a good bumper, bonnet and left guard. I know, just like that Auto at Lot 98.

So friends, yes, I went and bid several times on it and got it for $450. Actually it's a very nice car inside. Well maintained by the look of it, near new tyres, just a shame about the bumps on the front. 

So this will be the recipient car for the Burnt car bits. Or so I thought. 

My brother in law suggested that in fact the Burnt car is a very good straight car and all it needs is an interior. Indeed he was right. So Jacob and I pulled apart the dash and found to our surprise that it was all intact and working. The engine even started easily first try. 

Hmmm. Maybe the burnt car WOULD make a good recipient car for an interior. But what would then would be the donor car????  Too many options.  See what happens next.   

Yes, there's MORE.   Kerry was glazing over at this stage.