Burnt car project

So after registering and gaining my buyers number that I could proudly wave in the air and get the attention of the auctioneers, I patiently waited for Lot 60 to come up. 

Bidding was frantic and suddenly it was mine, all mine. I had a new car Yay.

$500 plus fees.

It has a good body like it's new owner, but was a bit burnt out inside. Ditto. Actually it was completely burnt out inside, black smoke had got into every nook through the car. The fire had started on the floor of the passenger side and some accelerant was still evident - kerosene smell and a box of tissues. Pretty dodgy looking fire me thinks, especially as the car has an alarm fitted. 

So, this was my new donor car. I could get the right guard I needed, plus enough inside bits to make it worthwhile and I could sell off the engine, and besides those wheels where just a must have. 

There was a nice looking Automatic Seca coming up at Lot 98. Wasn't interested in the automatic, but wanted to see what it went for. As I waited, the mind started ticking over.  See what happens here. I think you might have guessed.