Green Car Project

This was the first car Brian bought for me, and as it happens, the only one. All the rest have been my own doing.

First I had to prove ownership if I had any chance of licensing it in my name. Brian had paid for it and fortunately had paper receipts, a phone number and thanks to Google maps, we figured out the address. I had to send a statutory declaration to vehicle licensing which told the story. The car was sold by a mate of the father of the owner who had been in rehab. The car was not starting, some kind of fuel problem, and was 3 years out of license. They just wanted it gone from the yard. To my surprise, proof of ownership came through after just a couple of weeks. Yippee.

So, what do I do with it? Buy a guard and paint it? Buy a green guard? - too hard to find one the right colour. Maybe buy a whole damaged car with the right bits....

Something (some one more likely) got me looking at Pickles and Mannheim Fowles damaged vehicles auctions and these places come highly recommended for a valuable life experiences! Not only are they rich in multicultural experiences, they also show real cars that have been in real accidents and it is a salutary reminder of our vulnerability as well as the much better occupant safety in newer cars. 

On my third visit to Pickles I bid on a nice looking white Seca. Click here to see how things unfold.