I found the Ultima when looking for a radiator for the auto. Sadly the Auto's radiator was only a few months old and a nice aluminium job and had been holed in it's crash. Why buy a radiator when you can get the whole car for not much more?

The engine was out, it was up on stands, it was dusty and didn't look loved. But it was an Ultima - top of the range with power windows, power mirrors and a nice quality fabric similar to the Landcruiser. How much for the lot sans engine?  $200, sounded fine to me. :-)

Another trailer hire later, this time the cable winch was jammed up and made getting the Ultima onto the trailer a bit awkward without an engine. 

So THIS was going to be the donor car. I was so pleased it didn't have an engine that I needed to pull out and sell. All I needed to do was take out the interior and install it into the Burnt Car and pull off the front end, bonnet, guards etc and paint them white and put them onto the Auto.   Then it could be crushed and I'd have two white cars and a green one. 

But hang on said the family conference. I like the Ulitima says Jacob. So do I says Kerry. 

After many permutations and discussions of options, the FINAL decision (for today) was made. The burnt car would be the donor and the Ultima would receive it's engine and become a manual. The Auto would receive the Burnt cars bonnet and guards, not needing any painting, and we wouldn't have to swap over an interior. 

No one seemed to want the lowered suspension on the Burnt car and I'm leaving Jacob and Kerry to discuss who gets the special wheels. Oh, when I had the trailer for the Ultima I called past my mechanic who degassed the air conditioner, now it'll need regassing again!!  And I took the Burnt car to Bridgestones to have the mag wheel lock nuts removed and two new tyres fitted. 

So we started in earnest, Follow the updates.