Power upgrades

The direct injection 12h-t engine was regarded for some time as the best diesel Toyota ever made. And for old school non electronic engine management, this is still the case. 

If you want extraordinary performance from a similarly sized engine, the next ‘best diesel Toyota ever made’ is the 1HD-FTE available in the 100 series Landcruiser and some utes. With it’s electronic controlled injection pump, but mechanical injectors, it is the last motor before Toyota moved to common rail technology in the V8. GTurbo modifications of an upgraded Turbo, Intercooler, Air box, Unichip and injectors are seeing figures of 900nm of torque and 300kw of power. If this is what you want, go see Graeme at GTurbo. GTurbo Facebook link

If your budget is more modest, or you already have a 12H-t and want to liven it up, then read how I did it. Output is 50% greater than standard. Driveability is nice. Fuel consumption relatively the same. Dynoed output is 470nm at 1700rpm.

How did I achieve this? Check the stages. 


More fuel

Turbo and Intercooler