Key tips

Under Construction. Will be edited and changed frequently 

Please familiarise yourself with some of the standard principles of using cooking oil in a diesel engine as fuel. 

A great place to start is the FAQ at the Biofuels Forum, an Australian based forum. 

These tips are for 60 series Landcruisers with a 12h-t engine. They are not exhaustive, there might be things I will add from time to time. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep yourself updated.


In Tank Filter

Fuel lines:

Standard steel fuel lines are too small for veggie oil. They are 8mm which is fine for diesel, and far too restrictive for the more viscous veggie oil. Don’t bother with a pump, replace all your fuel lines from the tank forward with 12mm ID fuel lines. 

You do not need to replace the short length of fuel line inside the tank. You can if you are keen, but leaving it in place is fine.

In tank fuel filter:

There is a fine gauze filter on the pickup in the fuel tank. It will give you grief, remove it. To remove it, you need to drop the fuel tank, but it will be a worthwhile exercise long term. You DO need to install another filter in the line prior to the lift pump to protect it, but placing it somewhere that is serviceable is more sensible for veggie users than being in the tank. 

Whilst the tank is out, make sure you replace the short length of rubber hose from the tank pickup to your fuel line. It will eventually crack and cause you problems.