Alternative Fuels

Older style diesel engines are remarkably tolerant to being fuelled by a wide range of fuel. Unlike petrol, or spark ignition, engines, compression ignition diesel engines will run just fine on all sorts of things.  Try running a petrol engine on anything but the exact formula it needs, and you’ll have all sorts of problems.  

I got interested in this many years ago, cruising the internet probably much as you are doing now. My 12h-t powered Landcruiser was the first diesel engine I owned and I liked the idea of using a more environmentally friendly fuel, in particular one that had already been used for it’s primary purpose. At that time, around 2006, there were plenty of website giving me a variety of information on what I needed to know, some of it I know now as accurate, some of it I now know to be misleading. 

One of the fallacies was about running a direct injection engine on vegetable oil, new or used. I have proven that wrong and driven in excess of 130,000km using a variety of cooking oil based fuels. In these pages, I do not intend to prove or disprove any theories, observations or ideas that you have seen elsewhere. I simply want to document what I have learnt that is relevant for the 12h-t Toyota motor, and along the way, on other diesel engines too. 

In the early days, despite much searching, I was the only 12h-t owner world wide running on cooking oil. Now the mysteries are less and more people are comfortable with this option. I find myself repeating the same information to many people, so to save my time and make sure you get all the information I have, and have learned from others, these pages are here for your benefit. 

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To meet local people in Western Australia doing this stuff, go to the WA Renewable Fuels Association WARFA.

For a broader understanding of engines, veggie oil, Toyota Landcruisers I find the following forums invaluable. 

Australian based BioFuels Forum - in particular the essential to read FAQ at this link

USA based Toyota forum IH8MUD forum

Australian based Landcruiser and performance forums, LCOOL (despite not catering for 60 series :-( and Outer Limits

For Engineered Performance Turbochargers that with lift your spirits and the performance of your Landcruiser, GTurbo is the place to look.