Cradle Mountain Overland Track Tasmania Expedition

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Wineglass Bay - Coles Bay area, east coast Tasmania
Coles Bay, east coast Tasmania
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Coles Bay, Tasmania
Two Tims
Now is the time to get into that freezer, the sunshine we had enjoyed for seven days departed and the snow and blizzards arrived. We went on a shakedown walk around Crater Lake from which we learnt many valuable lessons about extra preparation
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Morning at Cradle Mountain Chalets - forboding signs of things to come. Fun to play with at this stage and oh so new for Perth people!
Our first taste of hiking in the rain around Crater Lake in a test hike.
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Our first day hike tested us all out, and our gear, and was an essential preparation. The same day we did this walk, a couple was lost on a nearby mountain in blizzard conditions. What was it going to be like for us?
Wily Wombat poses for the photo, not wanting to be interrupted too long from his snacking.
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Snow Gum
Trekking towards Hansons Peak on Day One of our trek.
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Cradle Mountain and Marions Lookout with Dove Lake in forground. Yellow is Fagus, Australia's only deciduous tree.
The chain helped us up Hansons Peak, a hard climb with heavy packs

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