Cradle Mountain Overland Track Tasmania Expedition

DSCF1535 DSCF1536
Bairn Bluff in a moment of being free of cloud
Wallaby having a rest stop
DSCF1537 DSCF1538
Pretty in a photo, the water and roots on the track made uncomfortable trekking requiring constant vigilence to avoid going down into the slush
Tropical pandanus, snow, fagus: the marvel of temperate rainforest
DSCF1540 DSCF1541
Snow starting to fall outside Windemere Hut - night three
Fine tropical fern and snow - hard to imagine but here it is
DSCF1543 DSCF1544
Crowded accommodation made for humid living
New friendships made and new card games learned
DSCF1547 DSCF1548
Next morning we awoke to the peace of a heavy snowfall
Ice flow off the hut roof, this snow was 200mm deep
DSCF1549 DSCF1550
Fine patterns on branches
A moment of sunshine brought a scene from Narnia

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