Cradle Mountain Overland Track Tasmania Expedition

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Trekking through the snow was fun at times. We found this frozen lake and threw snowballs onto it just to see what would happen --- nothing much.
Eeery scenes of colourless moors. We stayed warm as long as we kept moving
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Snow melt streams in the high country and ancient moss forests
Our party in an old hut of the hardy pioneers. Misted camera lense from the cold was a constant problem
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Day Seven and the snow had stopped, the rain had stopped and the wind had stopped. Almost pleasant walking conditions today and the lack of photos from previous days is only because the conditions were so awful it was hard to find time to unpack the camera. More snow, sleet stinging on the face, strong freezing winds blowing us off balance into the slush or creeks made every day a challenge.
But the final day found some sunshine and eucalypt forest reminiscent of familiar WA forests.
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Narcissus Creek at the end of the trek for us. We caught the ferry across Lake St Clair and were greatly relieved and proud to have finished this epic journey
Watersmeet with two creeks joining before they enter Lake St Clair, the deepest lake in Australia at over 200m
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Jacob pondering his achievement
Orange fungus
Masses of tree roots designed to keep large trees upright in 300mm of rainforest soil on the bedrock, meant treacherous walking for us with each root being a potential trip or slip hazard

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