Cradle Mountain Overland Track Tasmania Expedition

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Walking for hours and we could still see the car park at the end of the lake, this is from the top of Hansons Peak
Mountain climber surveys his achievement
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Walking around the back of Cradle Mountain to protect ourselves from the impending blizzards, we found the views attractive, if cold and snowing at times.
Lunch stop, day one
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Leaving civilisation behind, we found water on the track turned into creeks before too long. Dry boots were a thing to dream of.
Spectacular rock faces
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Scott Kulvert hut, our first night. Coal fired heater, sleeping on the mezzanine floor, this was to be our lifestyle for seven days. The hut was erected in memory of two men who died nearby in a blizzard, a timely reminder to the nature of the country we were in.
Moors and mountains
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After a very difficult climb onto the plateau, we joined the main Overland Track, somewhere in here ....
Bairn Bluff heading into the Waterfall Valley hut for night two
DSCF1533 DSCF1534
Old Waterfall Valley hut. We chose the one with the gas heater!!
Fagus, cliffs and gullys

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